ldToolbox is a tool that assists you in lighting and media programming aspects.

Easily generate Cuesheets that contain all essential timing information like wait times, duration, timecode, etc with direct export to MA2 or Excel. Convert colors between RGB, CMY or HSV and select colors using the OS X Colorpicker tool. Tap to the beat and get BPM and seconds. Calculate effects generator settings to make sure you are seeing the effect you want to see!

It will further be extended to offer more features based on your requests.

If you have any feature requests, feel free to submit them in the Forum!

To download the application, please donate (or if you already donated, log in) and use the "Files" Menu entry from the navigation bar.

Current Version: 0.3.0


Version 0.3.0 

  • CueSheet Generator:
    * Added MA2Export Settings Dialog
    * Supports to be tapped by Key Presses (by setting focus to the Easy Learn text field) again.
    * Set minimum width and height properly
    * Is now showing & exporting absolute time in milliseconds.
    * Is now showing & exporting Timecode.
    * Timecode start-time and timecode type may be set (at any time, while recalculating the values). Supported Formats are 24, 25 and 30Fps. Drop Frame (29.97) is not supported at the moment.
    * Does now export MA2 Sequences (XML), which may be used as a skeleton
    * Has a „Quick Add“ function: Enter the Name of the new Cue, press Enter (at the right time) and it will be added to the list.
  • - Wizard on first run containing the Privacy Questions has been added
  • - Privacy Preferences Window added
  • - Added the possibility to directly send user feedback through the application
  • - New UI Style
  • - FX Calculator: Added „Blinker“ that indicates the tapped BPMs
  • - BPM Tapper: Added „Blinker“ that indicates the tapped BPMs




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ldToolbox has been updated!

ldToolbox updated to version 0.3.0

Direct export of Cue-Sheets to MA2 Sequence in XML Format!

New Website!

Our new website is online!