mTrack - Web-based maintenance tracking.

mTrack is a webbased fixture maintenance tracking system. It is designed to help you and the rest of the crew to be able to quickly address issues of the lighting system without the need of multiple handwritten notes. The programmers may define that a fixture is faulty and write a short explanation text.

As soon as a fixture has been marked as "defect" the movinglight techs will be able to see that and do whatever is required to fix the issue. They may input that into mTrack again.
Because of that, changes to the lighting system keep trackable, which is particularily interesting for touring, long time installs and special events, where the equipment gets tossed around or where work may happen in shifts or by different people. 

The mTrack server is a (crossplatform) commandline program, only. It does not present you with a funky interface or anything. It just shows status information. The advantage of a commandline program is, that it can be run as a service on windows, or on a remote linux or os x host. Once the mTrack server application has been fired up, you may access the webinterface of mTrack by entering the servers IP-Address:8080 into any browsers webaddress field on the same network. Hence you may also access the interface using an iPhone or iPad, or any machine that is able to run a webbrowser.

Then there is the mTrack importer as well; which may be used to import a csv file from lightwright or vectorworks.

Also, there is a live demo available. You may log in using the following credentials:

admin / pw
Please note that the live version is a newer build which is considered to be beta, so not all features might work as expected. I. e. File attachments do not work properly in this version.

To download the application, please donate and click here afterwards.



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